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History of RACR


In a changing world, more risks will appear and the future is more uncertainty. RACR provides a unique international forum to discuss these issues from a scientific and technical point of view and also in terms of management, services or usages.

RACR, launched by the Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention in 2007 and taken over by SRA-China since 2011, is a series of biennial international conferences on risk analysis, crisis response, and disaster prevention for specialists and stakeholders.

RACR 2013 in Istanbul will be the fourth conference in these series, following the successful
RACR-2007 in Shanghai (China),
RACR-2009 in Beijing (China) and
RACR-2011 in Laredo (USA).

Istanbul is an old city with the remains of many ancient civilizations and their culture in harmony with Turkish culture. Istanbul is a world metropolis and the only city that combines two continents, built on seven hills on Asia and Europe. It is the capital of three empires: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire. RACR 2013 will be hosted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU), which is one of the best technical universities in Turkey. Having 238 year prominent history, a contemporary education environment and impressive academicians, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has been distinguished in Turkey with its engineering and architecture education: Five campuses located in the heart of Istanbul, Thirteen colleges and six research institutes, Comprehensive education in 39 undergraduate degree programs, International Accreditation in all of the undergraduate degree programs (ABET, EUA, NAAB, IMO). The conference center at ITU will be the Management Faculty of ITU in Macka-Besiktas, Istanbul. The participants will have a Bosphorus cruise and Topkapi Palace Tour during the conference period. The organizing chair from ITU is Prof. Cengiz Kahraman who is the Head of Department of Industrial Engineering.


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